From routine checkups to surgical corrections of deformities. We treat patients of all ages. East Cobb Foot & Ankle Care and Dr. Mark Light is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

We are proud to offer qualifying patients who are part of our diabetic foot care program Siren Socks , innovative smart socks that detect potential issues with patients' feet. Siren Socks are the next step in foot care.

Siren Socks are an FDA-registered Class I medical device and are prescribed based on medical necessity for patients with neuropathy. This condition causes you to lose the ability to feel pain, so a small injury may go unnoticed and result in an ulcer, infection, and amputation.

The socks measure your foot temperature, which is monitored by licensed nurses who contact you regularly to check on your health and the status of your feet. Our doctors review any issues that arise and determine if a clinic visit is necessary.

Rising foot temperature indicates that inflammation is developing, which may be a sign of injury. Temperature monitoring has been shown to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers in multiple clinical studies over the past 20 years and is considered the gold standard in diabetic foot care.

Siren Socks are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and many private insurance plans.

They are also easy to use—just put them on and wear them daily like regular socks. You don't need to turn them on or off, and you don't need to charge them. The socks are comfortable to wear and machine washable.

Siren Socks - The Next Step in Foot Care from Siren on Vimeo .