Soft Tissue Mass

Soft Tissue Mass Treatment in Marietta, GA 

Noticing a mass developing in your foot and ankle can be scary and overwhelming. Soft tissue masses are fairly common and often benign. It’s important to talk to your podiatrist when you notice a soft tissue mass forming. You should be able to understand what this mass might be a sign of and what symptoms you should be aware of. Once the cause is determined, treatment can be started immediately.

Dealing with a Soft Tissue Mass

Soft tissue masses can be caused by many different issues. Most common forms of soft tissue masses are benign and shouldn’t make you worry. Common forms of masses are lipomas, fibromas, and cysts. A more serious but rare version of a soft tissue mass is known as soft tissue sarcoma. This condition can be severe and needs immediate treatment, otherwise, further complications could occur.

Your podiatrist will likely use ultrasonography to assess the mass's size, depth, and nature. This imaging gives your podiatrist a better look into what this may be and if any surrounding tissue is affected. Radiography and magnetic resonance imaging with contrast may also be used.

There may be few symptoms when it first develops. You might notice a lump or bump slowly or quickly appear. It often is painless and might give you discomfort if it presses against a nerve. Treatment will depend on what the soft tissue mass actually is. Often, the mass can be removed with surgery. If the mass is cancerous, you may need chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of the two.

If you notice a lump growing near your feet, make sure to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Call your podiatrist at East Cobb Foot and Ankle Care in Marietta, GA, today at (770) 977-8221 to learn more about soft tissue masses.